What Is The Excavation Process For A Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

There are so many factors that fall into this category, like soil type, rock, underground electrical lines, sewer pipe, main water supply pipe, irrigation, elevation, water table, and benchmarks.  So where do we begin?

Here in South West Texas there is a wide variety of soil, from sandy loam too solid rock veins. There is some extra cost associated with the excavation of solid rock,  with the max charge being no more than $3500.00.  Of all the Pools we have installed, I would say about 25% of them have been in solid rock, and only 2% have ever maxed out. So its safe to say we have good knowledge on how to excavate rock sites in a timely manor.

excavatePools Now will call in all locates for water lines, sewer lines, cable, phone lines, and gas lines.  Within 2 working days all lines will be marked out.  If any lines are located in the direct spot of the pool location, then the home owner will be responsible for the relocation of the lines or discuss the option for relocating the Swimming Pool. Pools Now can help in all these areas.

Before any excavation begins a benchmark will be determined, which will be the finish grade for the Pool with coping.  Then grade will be measured for proper drainage.  A detailed excavation/dig sheet is then used to mark the Pool, onto the ground in 6 to 8 stages.  A path will be determined for heavy equipment to enter and exit, and an area for gravel and base to be staged.  The excavation begins and the dirt is then removed and set in a pile, and then into the dump truck, until we find a way for the dirt to be moved by air, all the grass in those areas will be lost, but many Swimming Pool owners would rather have less grass around there pool for maintenance reasons…

The Pools Now team have made the excavation process the fastest part of the whole pool installation.  It can take from 2 hours to 24 hours depending on soil type, 2 hours being sandy loam and 24 hours being solid rock. After the dig has been completed 4 inches of 3/8 gravel is then graded into the hole.  Now your Swimming Pool is ready to be set in.