3 Great Cost Effective Ways To Heat Your Pool

I get asked all the time, “Phillip how do we extend our swim season without breaking our bank account, we want a pool heater, but what is the most efficient type”…?  So I came up with a  way of educating you, so you can make the best decision on these types of swimming pool heaters.

pentair gas pool heaterThe 1st most popular heating system would be the gas pool heaters, or LP (liquid propane).

These heaters will heat up your pool in just a few hours depending on climate and size of your pool. Though they heat your pool fast, this may NOT be the most cost efficient way to heat your pool, compared to other types of heaters. If you use your heated pool on a regular basis then you may want to go with a different heating option, other than the gas heater. A gas heater would be for the owners who use there pools for parties or family functions, in which they would use the gas heater the night before, or the morning of the desired date you will be swimming.

The way the gas heater works is very simple, the pool water is circulated through a heat exchange chamber where the gas flame heats the chamber and sends the heated water back to the swimming pool…

 FG pool solarThe 2nd type of heater would be the solar heater.

This heater is the most cost effective way of heating your swimming pool. This method of heating your pool not only cuts down green house gas emissions, it is competitive with the prices of other types of pool heating systems! Now this type of heater is for regular pool users. Using a solar heater will require you to start heating your pool days before you swim, but you can keep your pool heated all winter long, depending again on climate conditions and size of pool.

The way the solar heater works is fairly simple, water is circulated through the solar collector where your water is heated by the sun, than returned back to the pool heated…

 ThermalFloThe 3rd type of heater is my favorite by far. This heater is the Pool Heat Pump,

The Pool Heat Pump not only heats your pool in the winter, but it also chills your pool in the summer. This heater/chiller is for the year round user, for parties, family fun, work outs, games, and much more. this heater is more cost effective than the gas heater, and heats your pool faster than the solar heater, and it chills your pool too!!!! This heater is also priced as competitive as the other heaters above.

How this type of heater works is the same as a heat pump central air conditioner. The unit takes in the outside air, where the coil gets the heat and turns it into a warm gas, then travels through the compressor that amplifies the heat which makes it a very hot gas, then the heat gets transferred to the pool water, then sent back to the pool…

So there you have it, my 3 ways of heating your swimming pool with pool heating systems.