Salt Water Swimming Pool

I get questions about salt water systems all the time…

salt water pool

What is a salt water system?  How does it work?  How much does it cost?   Does it cost less to maintain? What chemicals do I need with salt water?  how is the taste of the water?

A salt water system provides the sanityzer/oxidizer (chlorine) necessary to maintain a safe and healthy algae-free condition in your pool.

When the salt is dissolved into your pool water, it is then put through a simple process of electrolysis and a very effective level of chlorine is produced by the cell, and then recirculated into your pool.

The cost of a salt system depends on the size of your pool, for a small to a large pool range is $1800- $2300 installed.

The cost to maintain a salt system is much, much lower due to the smaller quantities of chemicals used in a salt water pool ($3-$8 per month) compared to the large amount of chemicals used on a concrete non-salt, swimming pool ($15-$25 per month) just in chemicals!


The chemicals needed with a salt system are basically the same, excluding the chlorine tabs, pool shock, and in some cases algaecide.  Of the chemicals you will be using, such as stabilyzer to protect the sanityzer produced by your salt cell, muriatic acid to lower Ph and Alkalinity, you will be using 80% less of those same chemicals.  The cost of chlorine tabs and shock alone are the most expensive chemicals a pool owner needs to purchase.


A salt water pool is softer on the skin, gentil on the eyes, easy to maintain, very cost effective, what more can you ask for? The taste of a salt water pool is about 1/12 the salinity of the ocean, or 1/3 that of the human tear.  There is another method you can try at home to taste for your self: Measure one teaspoon of salt and poor it into 1 gallon of water; that will give you an idea of the taste of a salt water pool.

Below I’ve added a video of a happy pool owner who converted from chlorine to salt water!


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